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Migrating Legacy Workloads to the Cloud
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Modernising Legacy Applications (1)
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Migrating Legacy to a Cloud

VMware is to blame for a large number of old and unsupported legacy systems we are dealing with in significant organizations, airlines, telcos, banks, government, and more.

In the last few years, we have come across a large number of unloved, and either forgotten or outsourced virtual machine farms, often running legacy but business-critical workloads. Some of these farms were built around 2012 and have since been doing a reasonable job at hiding the fact that the operating systems and applications running on these systems are out of date and out of support.

In many cases, the hypervisors and hardware were updated, but the virtual machines and applications stayed untouched. This is part of the benefit of running a virtual platform. In previous IT generations, a hardware refresh would have forced an operating system update, and this would have triggered an application refresh.

Now a layer of virtualization hides the fact that the application platform is in urgent need of an overhaul and has not seen much investment in the last five years.

The traditional triggers for required upgrades of software and applications are now hidden from the business, and IT spending is reduced.